Hi I'm Frank Bonnet

Web Entrepreneur SEO & Webmarketing


I love to work on singular projects & see how to hack things to perform.

Hello there, I began in 1996 in the web industry in France and I never stopped.

I have funded several web agencies & SEO agencies like FB TECH, NEXXPIX, FB DIGITAL, SURF INTERNET GROUP during more than 25 years.

I am passionated about webmarketing, online growth revenue using SEO & AI technology like GPT-3.

As a geek from the beginning, I also have an look on crypto & blockchain technology.

My top websites is online webguide on the City of light : Paris [English & French]

Cryptoweek captures all the main cryptocurrency media in the world and transcribes them for the French-speaking community. [French] is a financial magazine about crypto, banks, Stock Market and much more. [French] is a portal for news and information on education, teaching and universities around the world. [French]

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